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Beautiful jewelry for all occasions.

I purchased a beautiful White Gold multi-row Pave Diamond bracelet for my wife's 50th birthday. When it comes to fine jewelry, working with Allison was the easiest experience I've ever had with such a purchase. Best part, the quality and value were outstanding. Any future purchases I will be calling on her team again for ideas. Thank You!

Shaun Stauffer
Brentwood, Tn

100% satisfied with service and product quality - felt as if though my contact Allison was dealing with me in person throughout my purchase. Ordered a 14k gold Claddagh ring for a special occasion then had to cancel the order due to timing of me presenting the ring to my future girlfriend. Reordered the same ring two days later but needed it to arrive sooner and Allison was instrumental in assuring all went smooth - even arranging special delivery. After it arrived I got a personal call to assure I had received it. Will be seeking an engagement ring from Diamonds National - place and service is great!

Ruben Hernandez
Los Angeles, California

Love my new diamond earrings from Diamonds National! The purchasing of my 1 carat diamond earrings from Diamonds National was the best diamond buying experience I have ever had! Absolutely stunning experience! Allison helped me find VVS2 diamonds. She walked me through the different options and really took extra time to make sure she found the right pair of earrings for me! And it was fast! On a scale of 1-5 stars, Diamonds National is 6 stars!

Megan Mongell
Brentwood, Tn

About Diamonds National

Diamonds National is an online jeweler offering a variety of quality diamonds and gems to our valued clients. Since 1996, our culture has remained focused on quality, service, and value. Whether your interest is in finding the right gift or choosing the ring that will be treasured for a lifetime – our commitment is to make your experience with us exceptional.


The company was founded in the Sonoran Desert region of the Southwest and is a female-owned, family-run business proud to operate fully in the United States. Over the years, Diamonds National has had the benefit of working with the top brokers and developing lifelong partnerships with our distributors and manufacturers. We can be thoughtful and resourceful in locating the best product and negotiating the best price. It is our long-term engagement in the diamond industry that allows for greater options, modern convenience, and stunning jewelry to be so available and affordable.

Why Choose Us?


Diamonds National provides a wide range of diamonds and client options to consider. We offer natural diamonds with no enhancements, the industry standard, and the most expensive of our curated selection. We also offer naturally created diamonds with enhancements that can create opportunities for better clarity or larger carats with a less expensive overall cost. Lab-created diamonds are also a part of our variety, as they provide the same chemical components and are geologically identical to naturally formed diamonds, and are also the most cost-effective of our diamonds.

We also offer natural gemstones and a variety of settings that range from traditional to modern and are always being updated to reflect the interests of our community.


Relationships matter. Our relationship with you, our client, is of utmost importance. Our family answers the phone, responds to your emails, and chats with you to answer questions and process orders. We are prompt and professional, plainly relatable, and personalize your experience.


Affordability is a major component of any jewelry purchase. Diamonds National listens to its clients and offers a wide selection of gemstones, diamonds, and settings to meet every family and their occasion. We offer concierge-level service and educational resources, timeless jewelry, and flexibility to make sure that your purchase is exactly what you've wanted. There is nothing more gratifying than matching delighted clients with quality jewels that are appreciated for generations.

Please feel free to reach out and contact us.